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Gotta Have It: Personal Stationary October 10, 2007

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“Good men must die; but death cannot kill their name”  – Proverb


OK….pet peeve of mine.  Here’s the aggravating scenario (I’m such a drama queen):

I get an email from a prospective real estate agent looking to obtain my business.  OK – no problem because I really do need to sell our house and this “For Sale By Owner” just isn’t working out when we are half way across the country (yes, I got a little ambitious).  So you ask what’s the problem with someone trying to build their clientele list and help me?  Well nothing really, except they spelled my name wrong.  But who can blame them?  It’s a weird name so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.


I respond to their email with my name clearly spelled correctly in listing my new mailing address and again when I leave my signature at the end of my email.  Pretty obvious now…right?!


Wrong! I get a response with my name spelt wrong…again. However, this time it was clear as day if he would pay attention to the details (it wasn’t even really a detail as much as a main part of the email).  I thought we learned how to duplicate and match things in Kindergarten…did we lose that skill with age? 


I am really not a bitter person and am actually quite laid back …it’s just a pet peeve of mine!  But just as I have pet peeves, I am sure I am “pet peeving” many of you with plenty of grammatical errors ( I used to be so good at English!).  So I will apologize ahead of time.  For now though, let’s celebrate making the correct spelling of our name just a little more obvious to everyone and we can work on my grammar later.  Below are some “Gotta Have” stationary samples from that will not only guarantee someone to notice your name, but will guarantee they get it right!.






blue-stationary.jpgBlue Stationarycontemp-swirls-stat.jpg


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