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Gotta Make It: Crayon Halloween Costume October 15, 2007

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 “I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween” – Unknown


As of just the other day, my son was going to be a dinosaur.  My mother purchased this costume BEFORE he was born and we finally thought it would fit this year.  Luckily we tried it on in advance because not only was my son swimming in it, but he didn’t like something bulky on his head (I don’t blame him).  So we started from scratch.  We needed something that would be just like his “normal” clothes.  As a result…he is going to be an Orange Crayon.  And guess what?  I did it with no sewing – the glue gun works miracles!  I would love to have sewn it together, but that sewing machine I bought almost 2 years ago to teach myself…. well, its still in the box and has only been removed when my mom visits so she can do all my sewing projects (I love her!). Not only was it simple, but it was inexpensive and I purchased it all from one place….Wal-Mart. That in itself is a reason to make it! Here’s the rundown to give you an idea:


Orange sweatsuit:  $3.44 ea  piece =  $6.88

2” Black Ribbon:  $2.00

Orange Ribbon:  $2.00

Black Fabric:  $2.00 yd

Orange Felt:  $.25

Orange Paint:  $1.00

Paint Brush:  $1.00

Plastic Funnel:  $2.00

GRAND TOTAL:  $17.13


I then went to and took an image of a crayola box and enlarged it in Microsoft Word.  I printed it out and glued it to a gift bag for his Trick-or-Treat bag. 

If my husband was more into dressing up (what a party pooper) and we had more kids (even a bigger problem) you could make this idea even cuter!  Each kid could be a different color crayon and then a parent could paint a large box, to look like a Crayola box.


Want to try this costume with your kids, but want a more detailed how-to?  Just let me know at and I can send you some detailed directions.  If you decide to make it please let me know, send pictures, and share other ideas you come up with. 


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