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Gotta Bake It: Halloween Chocolate Lollipops…yummy! October 18, 2007

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OK – my attempt at a “healthy eating lifestyle (aka Diet) is officially in trouble.  I’ve always seen the candy making aisle at Michaels, but I have never experimented with it, partly because of my overbearing sweet tooth and lack of self-discipline.  Well… that all changed when I thought it would be a cute gift for my son’s friends.  I gave it a whirl  and now that I know that it is super easy, fun to do with kids, and yummy….my weight scale might be in for a bit of a surprise.  However, I will be the biggest hit with all his friends and all their parents will be thanking me immensely (yeah right!) .

All you need is a mold (as little as $1), some chocolate (in the same aisle and comes in seasonal colors), and lollipop sticks.  You literally pop the chocolate in the microwave, throw it in the mold, put the stick in it and put it in the fridge.  Voila!  Of course, you can make it more complex.  For example, my 17-month old took sprinkles and put them in the mold before you put the chocolate in (so complex!!!!!).   He had so much fun!  I then took plastic covers and used some left over ribbon I had to gift them.  I then used some stickers to spell “BOO” on the outside of the plastic wrap.

From here, you really can do numerous things.  You can hand them out as they are, put a name tag around them and use them as a place card, use a decorated pot with styrofoam in it to arrange them as a “lollipop bouquet”  and use it as a centerpiece or a gift, etc.  I am sure you have more ideas as well so please share with us and have fun! 


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