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Gotta Make It: Halloween Gifts October 24, 2007

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“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”  – Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur

In need for a quick and affordable halloween gift or party favor?  Look no further because we have one you can do in minutes and you can even include your kids to help!  This halloween cone would be a great gift for your child’s teacher, your neighbors, or as a party favor.   Hang it over their chair or their door and they will be in for a great “Trick-or-Treat” surprise and your wallet will be happy too!

I took some scrap scrapbook paper I had and cut it into a 6 1/2in  square.  I then rolled it into a cone and used the good ole glue gun to secure it.  From there, let the decorations begin!  On the orange cone I used some scrap ribbon to glue around the cone and then at the top.  I then cut out the corner of a black piece of paper and glued it to the inside of the cone to give it that little extra contrast.  I had a “S” (our family friends first letter of their last name) to personalize the gift.  I took the “S” ran some thin ribbon through it, tied a bow, and glue gunned it to the cone.  I took some halloween candy, filled it up, and voila!  A stylish, thoughtful, easy, affordable Halloween gift. 


For the design below, I did the cone the same as above, but then decorated it a little different.  I traced around a ribbon spool to get the orange circle, cut two slits in it across from each other, and ran the ribbon through it to the back where I fastened it with glue.  I chose to write “Trick-or-Treat” on the front, but you could do any saying, name, etc.  And who says you can’t have a little sparkle around halloween?  My son helped me add some sparkles and we filled it with candy….keeping a couple for ourselves of course! 



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