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Gotta Make It: Decorated Gift Bag October 30, 2007

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It’s never too late to live happily ever after….”


I needed a package for my Decorated Letter Blocks for a baby’s first birthday gift so I decided to decorate a plain white gift bag I had.  You can find a 10 pack of these gift bags for around $3 so they are always great to have on hand!

1.  Paint the gift bag (I did pink)

2.  Cut out scrapbook paper to the size of the bag.  

3.  Decorate your paper (I cut out the “1” for her first birthday and used an ink pad to brush the edges to soften the look and then glued it on)

4.  Once your done decorating your piece of paper, attach it to the gift bag with glue.

5.  Take scrap ribbons that complement your color scheme and tie knots around the handle bag.  (See….you know you kept all that scrap ribbon for a reason!)

 6.  Voila!  All done.

You have an absolutely adorable gift bag that will have the recipient anxiously waiting to peek inside for more surprises!

Be inspired, get creative and have fun!  See you again tomorrow.   


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