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Gotta Have It: Wedding Mugs November 5, 2007

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“It doesn’t matter where you go in life….it’s who you have beside you.”


These adorable mugs make the perfect bridal shower or wedding gift!  The inside of the mugs say “happily ever after…..” – how cute!  I’ve used them as a shower and as a wedding gift and created my own “gift basket” by adding my favorite coffee, coffee pot, chocolates, biscotti, etc.  You can really do anything with it. I then add a note saying something about how busy our lives get, but that you always have to put your marriage first and make time for each other so enjoy a cup of coffee together in the morning….blah, blah, blah.  You get the idea.

Oh yeah….I almost forgot to tell you where I purchased them.  Silly me!  I found them at Hallmark in the wedding section.  I’ve also found the wedding anniversary set, but they are a little harder to find.  The outside of the mugs say “I still do” and “I still do too”.  I can’t remember what the inside said, and like I said I have only seen them at one Hallmark and it just happens to be the one all the way across the country.  That’s convenient!

If you have any perfect wedding gifts you would like to share please send them to or leave a comment!

Have a fabulous day and be inspired, get creative, and have fun!


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