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Gotta Make It: Thanksgiving Banner November 6, 2007

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“We are so blessed”



This “Give Thanks” banner will spruce up any dull area for Thanksgiving!  I chose to put it on our fireplace mantle since as of now its just for show…no fires.  But if you use your fireplace I might not recommend putting it there. 🙂 

I used large blank luggage tags that you can find in your card section of your local craft store.  They are around $2-$3 for a package of 10…so it was our lucky day when I did the math (my grade school teachers get an A) and realized “Give Thanks” is exactly 10. 

 I decorated each one to my heart’s content with paper, ribbon, stickers, and embellishments.  So have fun and do what you want to do with it!  Couple of  tips (if you want them)….1) to make sure the letters stood out and looked somewhat uniformed, since they are different colors and styles, I made sure to use a brown square as the background on each one.  This ties it together and although each tag is extremely unique from the others…they still look cohesive.  My other tip is to “ink” the edges with an inkpad.  This is one of my favorite tricks.  Just take your favorite color inkpad and run it along the edges.  It gives it a softer look and finishes it off.  You can go with the same color tone or provide contrast with a darker or lighter one.

I know your next question….how do I make that adorable star?  Well, lucky you, because tomorrow I will show you.  See you then! 

Be inspired, get creative and have fun! 


2 Responses to “Gotta Make It: Thanksgiving Banner”

  1. […] tree explaining what you are thankful for.  I used the same type of luggage tags as I did for the Thanksgiving Banner – they are just a smaller size.  On one side write “I’m thankful for….” […]

  2. […] I had some of the luggage tags that I love so much.  You might recall that I used them in the Thanksgiving banner (which making one that says Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Peace, Hope, Joy, etc….would be […]

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