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Gotta Have it: Unique Christmas Cards November 12, 2007

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“Everyday is a gift”

Its that time…where your mailbox starts overflowing with Christmas cards and those infamous 2-page letters of all the good things their family has been up to start pouring in  (Well, at least its time to start thinking about what you are sending out). I think this year, I am going to write all the “stupid” things we did…everyone will enjoy that more and definitely get a laugh because we are never short on stories that make fools out of ourselves. But if you are looking for a humorous idea for this Holiday season you can do what we did a couple of years ago.  The title of our card was:

“Top 10 Reasons Why Christmas will be Different for the YOUR LAST NAME Family this Year…..”

Have fun with this!  Here are some examples of our 10:

1.  Marty’s mishap on the “to be faithful line” in the wedding ceremony was not a Freudian slip and not a cause for annulment.  We are still happily married 9 months later….

2.  Cougs win National Championship…well, at least on PlayStation 2.

3.  Went to St. Croix on our honeymoon and found out that you can replace water with beer and still survive.

4.  Since TyAnne’s eating for two, she won’t feel guilty going back for seconds thirds at Christmas dinner.

5.  We have been working to take four letter words out of our vocabulary.  Oh….get your mind out the gutter!  We mean words like jerk, dumb, Dawg, Duck. (You’ll get this if you’re a fan of any Pac-10 teams)

You get the point.  Make them fun, but they still give everyone a hint of whats going on in your life. 

If your looking for more “mainstream” Christmas cards consider checking out and  Here are some examples that I love from those two websites.

The following cards are from


The below darling Photo Christmas cards are from


OK – I better stop there because I could go on and on. Like I’ve said before…I LOVE stationery and cards and could get lost on both of these websites FOREVER!  I hope you find something you like!

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!!!!


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