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Gotta Make It: Footprint Resin Wall Art November 25, 2007

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“Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your kids”


It’s now that time to start planning the Christmas gifts you need to make!  I made these resin pictures last year for grandparents, aunts & uncles, Godparents, etc. 

The items needed:  wood from craft store, paper, glue, resin (found in your craft store usually with all the different glues), ribbon, scissors, paint

First layout some newspaper on the floor and have pre-cut pieces of scrapbook paper ready to put the footprint on.  Grab your child, paint their foot, and start stampin away on the paper.  Make extras because some won’t turn out as good as others and its always nice to have choices!  Don’t forget to have cleanup rags damp and ready to go!

Then I took a piece of wood that I found at the craft store for about $2.  I chose my favorite paper and pictures.  I chose a paint color that coordinates with the paper and painted the wood.  Let it dry.  Then use a spray adhesive to apply  your paper and pictures to the wood.

Next lay out some newspaper and find a cardboard box top.  Place the empty resin box in the middle of the cardboard box top (edges facing up).  Place the wood picture on top of the empty resin box (this raises it up from the box and prevents it from sticking to it when the resin pours off).  Then mix the resin according to the directions that come with it.  Pour the resin over the picture and spread evenly.  The directions say to blow on it to get rid of the bubbles, but  I found that a hairdryer on low works better.  That way you don’t have to inhale all the fumes…they are nasty!  The resin is going to drip off the sides and thats why the cardboard box is good to have.  Once in a while I will take scrap piece of wood or paper and scrape around the edges so it doesn’t leave drip bumps.  Let it dry as directions instruct.

When its all dry attach ribbon to the back and voila!  You have a great personal piece of art that is great for grandparents or even for your own house! The project takes a little work, but if you do them all together it goes pretty quickly.  Plus the result is well worth it! 

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun! 


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