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Gotta Make It: Christmas Candy Jar December 4, 2007

“Always keep Christmas in your heart”


As the day quickly approaches when our guests will start arriving, I am running around trying to get “organized”.  In the process my Christmas Candy Jar developed.  I finally decided to keep my empty spaghetti jars knowing that they will be put to use (…someday).  So after a couple washes in the dishwasher to make sure the spaghetti smell doesn’t linger it was ready to go. 

I added some of my favorite ribbon, painted a star, attached it (used double sided tape so that I can re-use the jar later) and Voila!  You have a candy jar to store all those goodies you will be receiving for the next month.    But of course there can be more uses!  This would be a great idea for a DIY Christmas gift package.  Add some holiday candy or bake some cookies and give it to that special someone this holiday season.   Or decorate it and place a candle in it for a rustic candle holder.  Let your imagination roll and look around your house to see what you need and ask yourself if that empty spaghetti jar could solve that problem!

This is sooo easy, soooo quick, and soooo cute….so you have to do it!

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!


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