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Gotta Make It: Chinese Takout Box Party Favor & More! December 9, 2007

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“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” – Reverend Larry Lorenzoni


I hope you got a little chuckle out of the birthday quote!  I’ll be honest…it took me a second because at first I thought he was referring to material things when he said “the most” and then the lightbulb went on in that little head of mine and it all made sense…

Anyway, I thought I would take a one day break from the Christmas ideas to share some pictures from a Surprise 30th birthday that I helped plan for my friend.  Her husband chose the location which was a cozy and hip Asian restaurant and then I had a $100 budget to get the cake, party favors, decor, etc.  Luckily the restaurant was already decorated well with lots of bright colors and candlelight.  1/2 the budget went to the cake so I basically had $50 for everything else.  For the party favors, I used chinese takeout boxes from Michaels.  They were 10 in a box for $6.  I then used fortune cookies from World Market to place in the boxes as a favor.   To personalize the favors I used her favorite colors – pink, purple, and green – and designed a Happy Birthday message for the front.  With a little help from my nifty glue gun and some adorable ribbon… the favors were done!

We also wanted to have a keepsake for her so we bought a frame that everyone could place their 30th birthday wishes on.  I wanted a picture of her from her childhood for the frame, but we were afraid she would notice if the pictures were gone.  So instead we placed a Happy Birthday message in there that I designed on the computer.  At the celebration, we made sure to take a picture of everyone that she could place in there later.

Lastly, I added some trivia and special messages in some standing frames.  I had these frames for my wedding (purchased at Target) and I have used them for so many different things!  The trivia were all questions from the year she was born, 1977.  One was sport themed, one was entertainment, and the other was economy.  These can be great ice breakers for a group who may not know each other that well and will always give the birthday celebrant a good laugh….along with everyone else.   I also would have done pictures of her when she was younger if we were able to get to them…everyone’s always curious to see what fashion trends you decided to follow!

So there you go…some ideas for your next party!  It turned out to be a great evening, but then you realize that as much as all the small touches count its truly the people you surround yourselves with.  They make the party! So remember to surround yourselves with the people that you love and the ones that bring the best out in you…not the worst!

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun! 


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