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Gotta Make It….Photo Ornaments December 13, 2007

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”.


Trying to find time to experiment with glass ornaments was not as easy as I thought. Between baking for holiday parties, chasing around my son, trying to keep our house from looking like a tornado zone, and getting ready for guests it was luck if I could squeeze some time in when my son was napping or sleeping.  But thankfully I did because I like how our ornaments turned out…and enjoyed the laughs of the ones that didn’t stand a chance. Its a good thing that I had a couple packs because for the four that are actually presentable there were another 5 that weren’t.  Don’t worry….I’ll be sure to share the failures so you can either give me advice or steer clear of my ah-ha moments that were really ‘duh -that won’t work’ moments. 

So lets get started with some of the things you’ll need:


glass ornaments (I had normal round ones and a pack that were flatter on the front and back so its easier to decorate)

matte photo paper and your favorite photos

glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter and loved it!  The colors are gorgeous and the pictures don’t do them the justice.  Worth the extra money)

Spray Adhesive

Krazy Glue


Round Stickers or blank photo paper/cardstock to cut out circle

tweezers/pliers/wood skewer





These directions are for the three ornaments with the picture.  I used the flatter glass ornament on all three of these. 


For the beaded ornament I simply applied spray adhesive to a round glass ornament.  I then applied my glitter and shook off the excess.  I took a piece of wire, twisted one end, and added all the gold beads.  I then attached the wire to the top of the ornament by twisting the wire.  I coiled the beaded wire around my finger to give it the spiral effect and then hung it! 

So now to the good stuff…the failures.  First failure.  I put stickers spelling “Love” onto the ornament.  Then I applied embossing ink around the ornament and sprinkled the embossing powder on.  Do you see where I am going with this?  If you are familiar with embossing then you know that the next step is to apply very HOT heat.  Well, I guess I forgot my 4th grade science when they teach you that glass is a heat conduit and will quickly burn your fingers…not good.  My thought was to have an embossed ornament and then remove the “LOVE” stickers so that it was clear there.  Not one of my brighter moments.  Failure #2.  I tried the same general idea as above, but just used glitter.  When I removed the stickers, I could hardly tell what it said and it just didn’t have the effect I was looking for.  Failure #3.  I cut out a snowflake to use as my cutout around my picture.  I held it over the picture ornament and sprayed the fake snow stuff.  I’m not familiar with the snow stuff….but I found out that it didn’t really dry.  As a result…just a complete mess.  Plus when I removed my snowflake cutout, you couldn’t even tell what it was.  It would have been neat, but I guess I need more of a froster rather than a fake snow spray. 

There you have it…those are some of the best failures.  I am really glad that I took the time to do these ornaments because they really did add that special touch to our tree full of store bought ornaments.  Make  sure you stay tuned because I will have some ornament ideas in the next couple of ideas that you can do with your kids and you don’t need the glass ornaments!

If you have any ornament ideas, I would love to hear them and see picture!  Email me at

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!!!


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