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I’ve Moved… January 3, 2008

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Happy New Year everyone!  Remember how I said I was going to be taking a break from crafts to avoid the mess over the holidays?  Well, that has brought me to the computer instead.  So over the holidays I squeezed in some time exploring other blogging software and capabilities.  As a result, I have moved to my own domain address!!!  So if you are one of the crazy people that enjoys my blog please come check me out at ! 

There are so many other things I can do with this software so as I figure them out I will be adding them.  One of the things I am excited about is that I can sell some of my craft projects directly from my site through PayPal.  That way if someone doesn’t feel like making the project, but they really want it they can purchase it from the sidebar.  I played with this the other day and there are a few glitches to figure out, but once I do it will be up and running! 

Anyway, I am excited about the new site so please go check it out and let me know what you think.  Plus, I have started more projects so they are starting to get posted for your enjoyment and inspiration. 

Take Care!

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!!!



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