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Gotta Make It: Muffin Gift Box December 19, 2007

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect.  It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.”


I SOOOOO wish I could take credit for this super cute and clever idea…but I can’t!  My mom purchased this at a Holiday Bazaar in Washington State and unfortunately the talented  and creative mind behind this didn’t leave too much information for me to give her credit.  All I know is her name is Regan Denke and she goes by Ms. Crafty’s Creations.  Like I said…I wish I had more info.  She made a tag that said “You’re getting…muffin for Christmas!!” and in the inside of the box she included directions for Blueberry muffins along with the mix and some holiday cupcake liners.  The papers she chose are adorable and she used bells on the bottom of the box as little leg stands…how clever!  She gets an A+!!!!

If you’ve seen an adorable and clever ideas please share and email us at

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!!!!


Gotta Make It…Photo Gift Tags December 10, 2007

“Every time we love, every time we give, its Christmas”


You’ll be so proud of me…we got most of our holiday shopping done this weekend and I even got the presents wrapped.  Although, in the midst of wrapping I realized that my gift tags looked so TACKY!  I went the old school route of using wrapping paper scraps to fold in half, write the name, and slap it onto the present.  And to be honest….writing three names in the “from” portion is just so much more work than one!  So that little brain of mine went to work and came up with the photo gift tag.  The photo gift tags make your gifts so adorable and it took me about 10 minutes to make 15….that is so worth it!  Luckily, I had some of the luggage tags that I love so much.  You might recall that I used them in the Thanksgiving banner (which making one that says Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Peace, Hope, Joy, etc….would be adorable).  So I measured the luggage tag and sized my picture appropriately on the computer.  Use copy and paste to put as many as you can on a page and then print a few pages. I then took my luggage tag and traced the shape around the picture.  I cut out the picture and used spray adhesive to attach it to the luggage tag.  I used the hole from the luggage tag as my guide to punch a hole in the picture, ran my ribbon through it, wrote who the present is for on the back and voila!….you have an absolutely adorable DIY photo gift tag that will not only save you writing who the present is from, but will be a great keepsake for that special gift recipient! 

I hope you enjoy the idea and …

 Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!!!!!


Gotta Make It: Chinese Takout Box Party Favor & More! December 9, 2007

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“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” – Reverend Larry Lorenzoni


I hope you got a little chuckle out of the birthday quote!  I’ll be honest…it took me a second because at first I thought he was referring to material things when he said “the most” and then the lightbulb went on in that little head of mine and it all made sense…

Anyway, I thought I would take a one day break from the Christmas ideas to share some pictures from a Surprise 30th birthday that I helped plan for my friend.  Her husband chose the location which was a cozy and hip Asian restaurant and then I had a $100 budget to get the cake, party favors, decor, etc.  Luckily the restaurant was already decorated well with lots of bright colors and candlelight.  1/2 the budget went to the cake so I basically had $50 for everything else.  For the party favors, I used chinese takeout boxes from Michaels.  They were 10 in a box for $6.  I then used fortune cookies from World Market to place in the boxes as a favor.   To personalize the favors I used her favorite colors – pink, purple, and green – and designed a Happy Birthday message for the front.  With a little help from my nifty glue gun and some adorable ribbon… the favors were done!

We also wanted to have a keepsake for her so we bought a frame that everyone could place their 30th birthday wishes on.  I wanted a picture of her from her childhood for the frame, but we were afraid she would notice if the pictures were gone.  So instead we placed a Happy Birthday message in there that I designed on the computer.  At the celebration, we made sure to take a picture of everyone that she could place in there later.

Lastly, I added some trivia and special messages in some standing frames.  I had these frames for my wedding (purchased at Target) and I have used them for so many different things!  The trivia were all questions from the year she was born, 1977.  One was sport themed, one was entertainment, and the other was economy.  These can be great ice breakers for a group who may not know each other that well and will always give the birthday celebrant a good laugh….along with everyone else.   I also would have done pictures of her when she was younger if we were able to get to them…everyone’s always curious to see what fashion trends you decided to follow!

So there you go…some ideas for your next party!  It turned out to be a great evening, but then you realize that as much as all the small touches count its truly the people you surround yourselves with.  They make the party! So remember to surround yourselves with the people that you love and the ones that bring the best out in you…not the worst!

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun! 


Gotta Make It: Photo Magnets and Decorated Tin December 6, 2007

“Christmas is not in the presents, but in the presence”


Our kitchen table is officially a disaster zone.  I decided I couldn’t procrastinate any longer on getting all the presents made if I wanted any chance of being at the post office less than an hour.  I’m not sure if that is possible this time of the year, but I am sure going to try.  So if you are like me and both sides of your family are huge and leave you a zillion aunts, uncles, and cousins to think about for Christmas presents than this is the perfect gift for you to make!  Its inexpensive and relatively quick! 

Go to your local craft store and pick up the following:

Small tins (like the Altoid tins) or Already decorated tins (I found the tin in the 3rd picture at the Dollar Tree)
Instant Krazy Glue – Brush On (trust me…the others don’t work)
Magnets (I used ProMag – they come in various sizes and are circular)
Clear Marble Accents with a flat side (make sure they are clear.  The best ones I found were at the Dollar Tree….better price and clearer than the ones at Michaels)
Circle Punch or Circle stencil
Favorite Paper, Accents, and Ribbon
Favorite pictures, photo paper, etc

Ok- so now that you have all the supplies lets get going on the How-To’s. 

1. Using your circle punch or stencil cut out your favorite photos or designs from paper.  (Note:  I glued a plain piece of photo paper to the back of my picture and scrapbook paper to make it thicker and so you wouldn’t see the magnet.)

2.  Using the Krazy Glue Brush, apply the glue to the flat side of the marble.  Quickly apply the picture face down to the marble.  This next step is key:  Press down firmly for 30 seconds with your thumb and fingers.  You want to make sure the glue spreads out and that you don’t have any bubbles.  I had quite a few that I had to toss because I wasn’t doing this step well enough.  You might want to have nail polish remover (to unglue you) near you because this glue is strong and there were a couple of times I thought I glued my fingers together….ooops!

3.  After letting the picture and marble dry for a couple of minutes, take the magnet and apply the Krazy Glue to one side.  Then attach that magnet to the back of the marble.  Hold firmly for 30 seconds and let it set for a couple more minutes. 

4.  Voila!  Your magnets are done. 

5.  Now decorate your tin. I used spray adhesive to attach my paper to the tin and then Mod Podged the top (I did a couple coats).  I added some ribbon around the bottom of the tin and some embellishments. 

6.  Place the magnets in the tin and you have completed one of your gifts…good for you! 

Like I mentioned before, if you want to make this a quick present you can find some cute tins at the Dollar Tree.  I purchased the “Paris” tin from there and decided to go with that theme for the magnets so I just used leftover black and white scrapbook paper.  I also used scrapbook paper for the wine magnets and then created my own photos and “I love U” magnets in Microsoft Word.

I hope this idea gets you moving on getting those Christmas gifts all done.  This would make a great stocking stuffer along with presents for all those extended relatives and friends! 

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!


Gotta Make It: Christmas Candy Jar December 4, 2007

“Always keep Christmas in your heart”


As the day quickly approaches when our guests will start arriving, I am running around trying to get “organized”.  In the process my Christmas Candy Jar developed.  I finally decided to keep my empty spaghetti jars knowing that they will be put to use (…someday).  So after a couple washes in the dishwasher to make sure the spaghetti smell doesn’t linger it was ready to go. 

I added some of my favorite ribbon, painted a star, attached it (used double sided tape so that I can re-use the jar later) and Voila!  You have a candy jar to store all those goodies you will be receiving for the next month.    But of course there can be more uses!  This would be a great idea for a DIY Christmas gift package.  Add some holiday candy or bake some cookies and give it to that special someone this holiday season.   Or decorate it and place a candle in it for a rustic candle holder.  Let your imagination roll and look around your house to see what you need and ask yourself if that empty spaghetti jar could solve that problem!

This is sooo easy, soooo quick, and soooo cute….so you have to do it!

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!


Gotta Make It: Paper Star November 7, 2007

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“The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you”


TRUTH:  This star was not my idea…I borrowed it from Paper Crafts Magazine.

TRUTH:  I wanted to make this star for awhile and the only way I could think of doing it was going out and buying a star and Mod Podging the paper I wanted on to it.  Can you believe it?  I was going to go spend money to make this when some genius figured out how to do it with just the paper and glue that you have at home.  I am thankful for that genius!

So lets get down to business.  As stated you just need your favorite paper and glue.  I added some ribbon and of course I inked my edges. 

1)Print this pattern

2) Trace the pattern five times onto your paper of choice.  Mix it up or use all the same color.  Cut it out.

2) Fold along the perforated lines.

3)  Ink edges

4)Lay points flat and adhere to make star

TRUTH:  It took me a few minutes to figure out how to lay it out.  Hopefully you don’t have the same dumb moment that I did…but it does help if you fold along the perforated lines first to figure out how they connect together.

5)  Once adhered together, re-fold to make the star dimensional.

6) Add embellishments of choice or ribbon if you want to hang. 

Have fun and make lots of them!  They could be Christmas tree decor, nursery decor, Thanksgving decor….you get the point.  You can really do whatever you want with this project.  Just find that paper you love! 

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun! 


Gotta Make It: Christmas Ornament & Magnet November 3, 2007

“Marriage requires falling in love many times…Always with the same person”


Ok – this is one of my favorite projects lately.  It really did turn out beautiful.  This creative handmade picture ornament is for a wedding gift for our friends.  It has two different purposes.  First, since they are having a winter wedding I decided it would be nice to make them a Christmas ornament for their first Christmas tree together.  And second, I put a magnet on the back so if they want to enjoy it all year round they can put it on their refrigerator.  The magnet also has another purpose… of course!  It holds the actual ornament in place since the container is a tin.  Ok …this is how we did it. 

 You’ll need:  your favorite paper, tin, ribbon, circle stickers, frame embellishment, stick-on magnet, and any other embellishments, glitter, etc that you might use.  I found everything at a Seattle boutique last time I was home called Packaging Specialties.  It is an absolutely wondeful store and I wish I had one where I live now. 

1.  Find some paper and embellishments you love. I’ve had this beautiful gold and baby blue paper forever waiting for the right project and I finally found it! 

2.  Using a plain piece of card stock I traced the bottom of the tin for a template.  I cut out the template and placed it inside the tin to make sure it was the correct size.

3.  Take the template, trace, and cut out two of them on your favorite paper.  ( You could skip the template part if you’re only making one, but since I am going to make some for Christmas gifts I decided to use a template to save me time)

4.  Mod Podge one piece of paper to the inside of the bottom part of the tin.  Set aside and let dry.  Mod Podge the second piece of paper to the top outer part and set aside to dry.

5.  Find a ribbon that compliments your design, cut to size, and attach to top of tin. Do another layer of ModPodge and let dry.

6.  Take your circle sticker and stick it on top of the ribbon once the Mod Podge has dried.

7.  Place an embellishment in the middle of the circle.  You could also run the stickers through the printer and make your own design if you are savvy with the computer. 

8.  On the inside sticker I used a stamp, embossing ink & powder, and an embossing heater to get the raised gold look of “happily ever after…”. Again, you could use your computer or any embellishment there as well.

9.  Find your favorite photo.  Size to fit inside the frame embellishment (these can be found in your scrapbook embellishments section at your craft store).

10.  Tape the photo to the mini-frame on the back. 

11.  Take your ribbon that matches the front and glue it to the frame. 

12.  Then take a magnet and cut it to size.  I bought some that are business card size and you just remove the protective sticker and then stick it to your item.  They worked great!

13.  Put your ornament into the tin and the magnet will keep it in place. 

14. Voila!  All done.

I love this idea because you could use it for almost anything.  For a baby gift or a baby announcement, you could put their picture in it and then on the inside circle sticker you could put their birth weight, height, etc.  This would also be a beatiful and unique wedding favor that would have all your guests talking.  So have fun with this one….

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!